Mindfulness  by the Sea

What is Mindfulness?

Mindulness is a simple, effective set of practices and ways of thinking that help us to live our lives in a full, aware and carefree way. It allows us to  let go of our past, press 'pause' on future worries, and enjoy the life we have, right now. Taking our lives a moment at a time allows us rib-tickling freedom! It is really that simple. By understanding how our brains work, and connecting our minds to our body, we can become aware of thought patterns and emotions that cause us anxiety or stress - and then learn practical tips to let go of them or to reduce their hold on us.

How Can it Help?
Mindfulness helps us to pay attention in our lives - to the thoughts and feelings we have, to the choices we make, and instead of feeling pulled along in the storm of life, we begin to see how we can steer our ship and chart our own course.
Who Can it Help?
Everyone!  I have worked with children as young as 5, classrooms of 128 eleven year olds, teenagers, tired out mamas, and overstressed dads...
Do I need experience?
No! If you can breathe you can 'do mindfulness'. It is also a non-spiritual practice, rooted in neuroscience, psychology - oh, and common sense!

For more information on my wellbeing and mindfulness work, and testimonials, see my sister- site www.corejourneys.com

In addition to my outdoor work, I have a BSc in Stress Management, diplomas in Mindfulness Instruction, Mindfulness for Children, as well as a PhD in geography! I am a published author in the wellbeing field and my current research involves the relationship between nature, the outdoors and happiness/health.

Mindfulness by the sea is a unique way to engage with nature, the water and yourself, without the formality of an indoor class. Feel the air in your lungs, the wind on your skin and let the water calm your mind.  Come and try it!

'moment by moment non-judgemental awareness' (JKZ)

Next Session:

September, 2016, watch this space..No experience needed, drop-in. £10.